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Emerging atl producer dollarsine unveils a new sound with 'takeoff sequence'

August 18, 2021- Atlanta-based native David Dollar, a lifetime musician and event industry professional, has surprised both fans and new listeners alike today with a surprise six-track album debut- the first official release the producer has put out as the music industry, slowly but surely, begins to re-emerge from COVID restrictions. 


“This album is definitely different; it’s like new territory for me,” Dollar said. “I had the time during quarantine to really try some new techniques out, and they’re present all throughout this album- finally getting to release these songs, some of which I started the first week of lockdown, is a huge breath of fresh air for me- I can’t wait to perform these songs live.” 


The album features several stylistic changes from song to song: The opening track blends downtempo bass with hip-hop acapellas; another more upbeat track features spoken word samples from Terrence McKenna. One song even utilizes a live drummer, Grant Robinson, giving the track an intense, high energy punch. Another glitched-out downtempo track features elegant female vocals towards the culmination of the song. 


“Getting to try new things sonically, working with new artists on studio projects and collabs- it keeps everything so exciting,” Dollar continued. “I’m incredibly blessed to be surrounded with wonderful and talented friends that inspire me, keep me focused and encourage me to keep sharing these bleep bloops I hear in my head with the world.” 

DollarSine’s album ‘Takeoff Sequence’ is available now on all major platforms. For more information, please visit


Kait Berkenstock 

Dollar Management Group

(330) 993-0559

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